Thursday, November 17, 2005


Have you ever felt like it was too much work to be someone's friend? I am finally figuring out that a friend shouldn't be so high maintenance. With her, it seems like the drama never ends and I'm tired of coming to her rescue. I have always lived under the understanding that a friend is someone who can see your flaws yet continue to love you unconditionally. However, how many lies can one person tell. . .how many times can they hurt you and you continue to come back for more. I have been told that I am a compassionate and understanding person but this is getting ridiculous. The girl (who called herself my best friend) actually ignored me for two months before I moved to SC. She was too busy with her new boyfriend. However, as soon as he left her high and dry, she decided to reinstate our friendship. In addition, she left my wedding early so that she could go out with her other friends. She was the "maid of honor" (which by the way, she decided for herself). Grrrr. I want to cut off all ties with her but I know that I am the only friend that she has. I feel bad leaving her alone to sulk in her own self-pity. Any ideas?